Session Proposals - AnalyticsCamp NYC

Most of the sessions will be picked based on pitches in our opening session. The method is simple: anyone who wants to present a session, or lead a discussion, can propose it. We'll fill out the schedule based on which sessions people want to attend (if you haven't been to an unconference before, this works better than you might think). We'll have a few invited speakers to cover some important topics, but most of our day will be based on sharing what we know with people who want to learn.

If you plan to pitch a session, please add it to the list below (you'll need to create a free Wikidot account to make changes to the wiki). Remember to register, too. If you need ideas, you might find inspiration on the session ideas page, but you're not limited by our imagination. You can pitch anything you want at AnalyticsCamp, and everyone there will decide whether they want that session to happen.

Session proposals

Include session title, description and your name. Link to a reference or blog post if that helps. Adding your Twitter handle would be a nice touch, too (Session leaders list on Twitter).

  • Session title - Text description. Presenter's name (@twitter)
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