Session Ideas - AnalyticsCamp NC 2010

We should aim for a good mix of beginner and more advanced sessions, and make sure we cover the interests of the groups we want to participate.

This is a list of ideas for inspiring potential session leaders. For committed proposals, see the session proposals page. The final grid will be posted on the sessions page.

Beginner sessions

  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • Using web analytics to measure the right things
  • Measuring email campaigns
  • Introduction to social media analysis
  • Monitoring social media with or without a budget
  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Introduction to text analytics
  • Introduction to customer segmentation (RFM, cluster analysis, association rules)
  • Introduction to customer lifetime value
  • Introduction to predictive analytics & data mining
  • Behavioral Analytics For Dummies (presented by the co-author)
  • Case study on one of the above
  • I'm having a problem on x - can we discuss solutions or possible solutions?

Advanced sessions

  • Visualization + data mining
  • Testing strategies for web marketers
  • Using Design of Experiments instead of Multivariate Testing
  • Server-based versus beacon-based web analytics
  • Competing approaches to measuring social media
  • Information design (Nathan Huening?)
  • Using statistical and data mining software in conjunction with web analytics packages
  • Possibly some aspects of Data Mining Camp ( could be incorporated
  • Bioinformatics
  • Challenges in vertical market X
  • Discussion of algorithm X

Vision & strategy

  • Overcoming the silo-ization of data and analytics
  • Strategy/tactics for data warehousing + BI + analytics - tying it all together
  • Word-of-mouth measurement: influence or advocacy?
  • Assessing where your organization is in an analytics maturity model (doesn't necessarily matter which one) and what to do
  • Creating a more data-driven organizational culture
  • BI / analytics competency centers
  • Where is all this going? What do "analytical competitors" look like in the future? How will the cloud enable firms who couldn't do "analytics" before?

Career sessions

  • What companies look for in analytics positions
  • How to build an analytics skill set
  • Ask the Recruiter(s): What companies are looking for now

Speaker ideas

Unconferences aren't supposed to be overly planned. Typically, anyone who attends is invited to present, with the ideas pitched to all attendees first thing in the morning. Still, it could be helpful to prep some folks to present, in order to ensure a certain level of quality content. Note: these folks have not necessarily agreed to present (yet); once they're confirmed, we'll move them to the proposals page.

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