Session Ideas

We should aim for a good mix of beginner and more advanced sessions, and make sure we cover the interests of the groups we want to participate.

This is a list of ideas for inspiring potential session leaders. For committed proposals, see the proposals page for a specific event. The final grid will be posted on the sessions page for each event.

Beginner sessions

  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • Using web analytics to measure the right things
  • Measuring email campaigns
  • Getting started with Tracking QR Codes
  • Introduction to social media analysis
  • Monitoring social media with or without a budget
  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Introduction to text analytics
  • Introduction to customer segmentation (RFM, cluster analysis, association rules)
  • Introduction to customer lifetime value
  • Introduction to predictive analytics & data mining
  • Introduction to behavioral analytics
  • Case study on one of the above
  • I'm having a problem on x - can we discuss solutions or possible solutions?
  • Personal data mining, the "quantified self", "the data-driven life": analytics on your health, time management, browsing, communications, etc.

Advanced sessions

  • Mining Twitter and blog content to predict real world events (stock movements, political outcomes, box office returns, other)
  • Visualization + data mining
  • Testing strategies for web marketers
  • Using Design of Experiments instead of Multivariate Testing
  • Server-based versus beacon-based web analytics
  • Competing approaches to measuring social media
  • Analyzing geolocation data in social media and mobile web
  • Information design
  • Using statistical and data mining software in conjunction with web analytics packages
  • Possibly some aspects of Data Mining Camp ( could be incorporated
  • Bioinformatics
  • Challenges in vertical market X
  • Discussion of algorithm X
  • Programmable Web: how to get started with web APIs and mine data from sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Vision & strategy

  • Overcoming the silo-ization of data and analytics
  • Strategy/tactics for data warehousing + BI + analytics - tying it all together
  • Word-of-mouth measurement: influence or advocacy?
  • Assessing where your organization is in an analytics maturity model (doesn't necessarily matter which one) and what to do
  • Creating a more data-driven organizational culture
  • BI / analytics competency centers
  • What is this "Big Data" of which you speak?
  • Where is all this going? What do "analytical competitors" look like in the future? How will the cloud enable firms who couldn't do "analytics" before?
  • Analytics as a business
  • Starting an analytics company in the Triangle

Career sessions

  • What companies look for in analytics positions
  • How to build an analytics skill set
  • Ask the Recruiter(s): What companies are looking for now
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