AnalyticsCamp DFW

Analytics silos—web, social media, email, marketing, text, BI—keep us apart.

AnalyticsCamp will bring us together to meet and learn from each other.

Where and when?

  • TBD


  • Registration will open as soon as we have a confirmed host venue and date.
  • Join the LinkedIn or Facebook groups to connect with other participants.


  • Analytics are a hot topic, and the evening events don't have enough time to dig in.
  • Analytics are divided by functional silos, but their work is starting to overlap.
  • Three main objectives:
    • Learn from each other
    • Meet people with similar interests
    • Especially people working in the other analytics silos

How does it work?

  • Free admission, low overhead
  • Local event intended to attract primarily local folks
  • Unconference format to create a participatory environment
  • Agenda designed to attract different categories of analytics pros
  • Career track for students and others interested in in analytics careers
  • How to prepare to attend an unconference


This is a low-overhead event, but if we're looking for a few sponsors to cover food and a few other expenses.


We're using the unconference format, in which the actual agenda will be determined on the morning of the event. We'll invite some experts to present, to ensure that we cover some major topics and to help people see the value in the day.

Major topic areas we expect to cover:

  • Web analytics
  • Social media analysis
  • Customer analytics (includes some of social media, web, email)
  • Text analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Data mining / predictive analytics
  • How to start a career in analytics

AnalyticsCamp Online

Planning & Logistics

We have a group of volunteers already working on the event, but if you'd like to help, we could use it. Contact Nathan Gilliatt or @AnalyticsCamp to get started.

Planning committee:

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